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Possible changes comingSiteAdminApr/17/2017 11:42 pmUnclassified
let the cows die freeAmaranthineOct/15/2016 10:12 pmedited Poetry
whisper please, egg mother seaAmaranthineOct/15/2016 10:08 pm Poetry
Night Salt Secret God(s)... Decay:AmaranthineOct/15/2016 10:08 pm Poetry
Every Hard Poetry / Would Cut Marble Smile(s)AmaranthineOct/15/2016 10:07 pm Poetry
Want them back?KoloraJun/28/2016 06:11 pmUnclassified
The earth turned to bring us closerAmaranthineJun/01/2016 08:37 amedited Poetry
reflected desiresAmaranthineApr/26/2016 10:26 am Poetry
coyote encountersAmaranthineApr/19/2016 08:59 pmeditedNF-MyLife
re\child (y)our livesAmaranthineApr/18/2016 01:07 pmeditedUnclassified
realityAmaranthineApr/12/2016 09:40 pm Poetry
Conversations with Szamour WilliamsAmaranthineApr/11/2016 08:10 ameditedUnclassified
let me count the ways...AmaranthineMar/17/2016 11:47 ameditedUnclassified
august's altarAmaranthineMar/16/2016 10:04 am Poetry
neoliberalism is a reality...AmaranthineMar/16/2016 10:01 am Poetry
Radicalism and WritingsAmaranthineMar/02/2016 03:59 pmeditedNF-MyLife
god? god... god!AmaranthineFeb/10/2016 11:12 amedited Poetry
Soltice 2015AmaranthineFeb/09/2016 03:28 pmedited Poetry
Blind Faith (2001)AmaranthineFeb/09/2016 03:14 pmedited Poetry
Happy-nessAmaranthineJan/21/2016 10:51 ameditedUnclassified
SealaskaAmaranthineJan/11/2016 11:04 pm Poetry
Trodden Liberty (Redux 2015)AmaranthineDec/08/2015 07:57 am Poetry
Lady Liberty (Redux 2015)AmaranthineDec/08/2015 07:56 am Poetry
Where I BelongKoloraSep/25/2015 11:08 pmNF-MyLife
My PleaKoloraSep/25/2015 10:57 pmUnclassified
Dream #14The WindAug/02/2015 08:49 ameditedUnclassified
Lost to this dayKoloraJun/17/2015 12:21 pm Poetry
Just ContinueKoloraMay/11/2015 06:48 pmeditedUnclassified
ImpressionKoloraMay/11/2015 06:04 pmUnclassified
Integrating Consciousness: A brief Cultural-HistoryAmaranthineFeb/23/2015 12:39 pmEssay
Social Dimensions of a Theory of ConsciousnessAmaranthineFeb/23/2015 12:35 pmEssay
On CutenessAmaranthineFeb/23/2015 12:33 pmNF-Humorous
My favorite users..SiteAdminJan/10/2015 10:40 pmUnclassified