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what's oldestrangedOct/12/2014 01:03 am Lyrics
Amaranthine LoveAmaranthineSep/15/2014 01:07 pmeditedF-Romance
You Are The Bomb! No, You’re The Bomb!: Cold War Politicking in the 21st CenturyAmaranthineMar/23/2014 10:45 pmeditedNF-Politics
Olly Olly Oxen FreedestrangedMar/04/2014 09:19 pm Lyrics
Hey ManestrangedFeb/17/2014 11:49 pm Poetry
I Turn ONestrangedFeb/17/2014 11:45 pm Lyrics
Mixed NutsestrangedFeb/17/2014 11:36 pm Poetry
The new look seems broken?SiteAdminNov/07/2013 01:38 pmeditedUnclassified
The latest Unchained updateSiteAdminNov/07/2013 01:37 pmeditedUnclassified
Game for NaughtRhiannon RoseAug/18/2013 05:27 pm Poetry
ScrambledestrangedAug/09/2013 02:21 amedited Lyrics
MiceestrangedAug/09/2013 02:19 amedited Lyrics
slitherestrangedJul/20/2013 05:09 amedited Lyrics
Garden/PoseidonestrangedJul/20/2013 03:05 am Lyrics
The neutron free atombrucesJul/01/2013 10:52 amUnclassified
Dimensions versus AttributesbrucesJul/01/2013 10:43 amUnclassified
PainterestrangedApr/25/2013 12:01 amedited Poetry
A TemptressKoloraMar/22/2013 09:18 pmF-Horror
well.....KoloraMar/22/2013 08:41 pmUnclassified
Moonlit PatrolAmaranthineFeb/24/2013 05:36 pm Poetry
not good enoughmayrtOct/17/2012 11:20 pm Poetry
Countdown Bet - Closed with a WINNER!SiteAdminOct/06/2012 06:32 pmeditedUnclassified
god? god... god!AmaranthineSep/28/2012 03:02 pmedited Poetry
remember that eveningestrangedJun/07/2012 01:01 am Lyrics
tigerestrangedJun/07/2012 12:56 am Lyrics
a sparkle in a possible distant momentestrangedJun/07/2012 12:52 am Lyrics
cookiesestrangedFeb/05/2012 10:16 pm Lyrics
What if - your existenceSiteAdminDec/16/2011 06:38 pmUnclassified
legs of confusionestrangedNov/22/2011 12:47 pm Lyrics
What We FixedSiteAdminOct/02/2011 10:48 ameditedUnclassified
Martyr of LustThe WindAug/27/2011 01:44 am Poetry
Just A NumberThe WindAug/27/2011 01:38 am Poetry
With an e-book...melvinJun/30/2011 08:36 amOpinion
Ten YearsSiteAdminJun/10/2011 03:24 pmeditedNF-RealEvents
melursis ursinusestrangedApr/22/2011 11:47 pm Lyrics
king of the bear peopleestrangedMar/21/2011 12:02 am Lyrics
sang sat walkedestrangedMar/20/2011 11:59 pm Lyrics
About timeKoloraFeb/06/2011 09:19 pm Poetry
faultAmaranthineJan/16/2011 04:49 am Poetry
So few to say dontil_mia_amoreJan/06/2011 05:06 pm Poetry
The monster I've becomeil_mia_amoreDec/23/2010 09:20 pm Poetry
The demon residing insideil_mia_amoreNov/05/2010 05:50 pmedited Poetry
Broken Boy, Broken HeartkorkamysticNov/02/2010 08:53 pm Poetry
Humans and Five Dimensional SpacemelvinOct/20/2010 11:06 amOpinion
i wantmayrtOct/07/2010 10:59 pmeditedF-Adult
monsters in my mindil_mia_amoreSep/13/2010 02:07 am Poetry
The man coming to townil_mia_amoreSep/03/2010 03:51 amedited Poetry
Awakened the possibleil_mia_amoreAug/29/2010 03:04 pm Poetry